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About the Test

The Test on this site is the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT).

Developed by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a simple method of screening for excessive drinking and to identify people who would benefit from reducing or ceasing their consumption of alcohol. The majority of excessive drinkers are undiagnosed. Often they present to their GPs with symptoms or problems that would not normally be linked to their drinking. The Test will help to identify whether a person has hazardous (or risky) drinking, harmful drinking, or alcohol dependence.

Why screen for alcohol use?

Screening for alcohol consumption carries many potential benefits. It provides an opportunity to educate about low-risk consumption levels and the risks of excessive alcohol use. Information about the amount and frequency of alcohol consumption may inform the diagnosis of an illness and it may alert people whose alcohol consumption might adversely affect their use of medications and other aspects of their health. Screening also offers the opportunity to take preventative measures that have proven effective in reducing alcohol-related risks.

There are many forms of excessive drinking that cause substantial risk or harm to the individual. They include high level drinking each day, repeated episodes of drinking to intoxication, drinking that is actually causing physical or mental harm, and drinking that has resulted in the person becoming dependent or addicted to alcohol. Excessive drinking causes illness and distress to the drinker and his or her family and friends. It is a major cause of breakdown in relationships, trauma, hospitalisation, prolonged disability and early death.

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