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Want to change your drinking?

Cut down, stop for a bit, or quit?

6 Week Mind and Body Transformation

Get Your Measure are running a novel new programme that will support you to achieve a happier and healthier lifestyle without alcohol.

This six week programme will be located at Meadowbrook Leisure Centre, Ballinteer, Dublin 14.

Programme includes

  • Lifestyle and fitness assessments
  • Personalised care planning and Lifestyle and Fitness Assessments
  • Personalised Care Planning, consultations and support with specialist staff
  • Drink Tracker. An App that will change the way you consume alcohol
  • Peer Support Group
  • Tailored Gym Workout & Nutrition
  • Free Gym/Pool/Studio Class

would it be good to add the piece about taking the test before the programme and the ap?

For information on this programme please email info@getyourmeasure.ie or telephone 087-2958938

Mind and Body Transformation

Our Vision

To empower people to make healthier lifestyle choices and maximise their individual wellbeing by cutting down or quitting drinking.  

Our Mission

To provide a supportive service that is accessible, local and affordable and empowers people to make healthier lifestyle choices that are non alcohol reliant. 

About Us

Get Your Measure was established as a result of identifying a need for an accessible, affordable and integrated community based service for people who wish to live healthier lives by cutting-down, stopping for a bit or quitting alcohol altogether.

We know from recent reports (Health Research Board Irish Alcohol Diaries 2013 Report) that more than 1.35 million Irish people are harmful drinkers and that 30% of people interviewed say they have experienced some form of harm as a result of their own drinking.  The report also reveals that we underestimate what we drink by about 60%.  Further it states that 150,000 Irish people are dependent drinkers (Alcohol Action Ireland, 2015).

The World Health Organisation states that the risks related to alcohol are linked to the pattern of drinking and the amount of consumption. While persons with alcohol dependence are most likely to incur high levels of harm, the bulk of harm associated with alcohol occurs among people who are not dependent, if only because there are so many of them. Therefore, the identification of drinkers with various types and degrees of at-risk alcohol consumption has great potential to reduce all types of alcohol-related harm.

Get Your Measure provides an integrated range of preventative, therapeutic and rehabilitative services that will assist people to transform their lives through cutting edge health information and through the use of the very latest software applications that will put the power to change into your hands.  The Get Your Measure Service will also provide assessment, support, individual care planning, counselling and education using a variety of mediums to meet individual needs.  These include one to one counselling, facilitator led peer support groups, Mind and Body Transformation Programmes,  Educational Workshops and links to local services.

What We Do

We offer one to one counselling and facilitator led peer support groups that are community based for individuals and families. We also run a 6 week Mind and Body Transformation Programme which includes lifestyle and fitness assessments, drink tracking – an app that will change the way you consume alcohol personalised care planning, nutrition, weekly one to one and group support meetings and a tailored gym workout that includes free access to swimming pool and studio classes for the duration of the programme.

We also provide an alcohol assessment test and tools to track and change your drinking in real time or on the go.

Get Help for Someone Esle

It is really difficult when someone you care about like your partner, parent, child, friend or other loved one is drinking too much. Please contact our support team who will be happy to advise you about support mechanisms.

Our Services

One-to-One Counselling

We offer one to one counselling and psychotherapy and group psychotherapy for individuals and families.

Peer Group-Facilitator Led

We offer assessment and individual care planning, support, information, advice, facilitator led peer support groups and aftercare.

Courses: Educational and training

We run weekly evening Live Well educational programmes and one and two day workshops that are educational and transformative.

Concerned About Someone Else

Raising the issue of drinking too much

It’s important to choose the right time to talk.

Don’t try discussing the issue if your loved one is drunk as they may get angry or even forget the conversation took place.

Using words like ‘alcoholic’ or ‘drinking problem’ will only make them defensive and put them on the back foot.

It can take some time and several conversations for someone to commit to changing. Remember that it’s their decision to change and not yours.

You can help them start to consider their drinking but the best person for them to talk to is their GP, nurse or aspecialist alcohol worker.

You need to look after yourself. You shouldn’t feel responsible for someone else’s decision to keep drinking. Details about support groups and helplines can be found here.

Tips on helping a loved one

It can be tricky talking about alcohol with someone who may be drinking too much. Here are our tips on how to raise the issue:

  • Choose a suitable time when your friend or loved one is able to concentrate and participate in a conversation.
  • Try to keep the discussion about alcohol and related to the consequences of their drinking (rather than about whether they do or do not have an alcohol problem).
  • If you can get a general discussion going around health (such as sleeping or eating in general) your friend or loved one may be more willing to see their GP rather than an ‘alcohol worker’.
  • Stay calm. If someone is angry, aggressive, or repetitive, just try and be as patient as possible and don’t react to provocation.
  • You could encourage a loved one to this website to find out how risky their drinking and start making changes.
  • Alcohol is a legal drug. Remember that if someone is over eighteen then it’s their choice whether they choose to make changes.

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