Design Processes

Tallaght Fest

Re-design exisiting site and Festival App. Design

This SHORT VIDEO describes the design process followed in re-designing an existing website and App design using HCI and UX/UI principals.

The video describes how the project Tallaght Fest needed clarity around whom it was targeting. As it is a community event I identified three target audiences including young families, older generation, and young adult audience. The main categories of events and entertainment were decided to appeal to the different target audiences.

Supervalu Tesco

User Testing

This document describes the process used to conduct user testing, findings and recommendations for improving the shopping experience for SuperValue online store.

Title: “Compare the effectiveness and efficiency of using online shopping of two major online grocery stores”

Get Your Measure

Branding, Site Design and Development

This document describes the UX process followed to deliver a responsive web site for

To open pdf document describing the UX process I followed please VIEW THE DESIGN PROCESS HERE


This document describes the process the team undertook to produce a low-fi prototype

This pdf document describes the UX process I followed for ToyChory, please CLICK HERE to view it.