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Are You Ready To Cut Down

Tips and Advice for changing your drinking habits

  1. Have an alcohol free-day once or twice a week
  2. When bored or stressed have a workout instead of drinking
  3. Plan activities and tasks at times you would usually drin
  4. Explore other interests
  5. Quench it! Thirst can make you drink more alcohol than you need, so quench it with a soft drink rather than guzzling down a pint!
  6. Switch to lower strength drinks 8: Avoid going to the pub straight after work
  7. Avoid drinking in rounds
  8. When you do drink, set yourself a limit and stick to it

Cutting back on alcohol? You could be in for some pleasant surprises!

  • Deeper sleep
  • Brighter mood
  • More energy
  • Better concentration
  • Better skin
  • Slimmer waistline
  • A happier stomach
  • More time and money Better long-term health

A sound night’s sleep. Brighter skin. More time and energy. Cutting back on alcohol can have some positive effects on the way you look and feel – often within just a few days. And while you enjoy them, you’ll be reducing your longer term risk of some serious illnesses such as cancer and liver and heart disease.

Binge Drinking-Where it can lead

It can easily lead to alcohol poisoning, and this can be life threatening.

If you’ve decided to cut back, here are some benefits to look out for:

  1. Deeper sleep
    Some people find it helps them drop off, but alcohol affects the quality of your sleep. When you drink too much, you spend less of the night in a deep, restorative slumber. You’re also more likely to wake early and find it hard to drop off again. Now that you’re cutting back, you should notice your sleep improving. And that can have a knock-on benefit for everything from your mood to your ability to concentrate.
  2. Brighter mood
    If you’re already feeling sad or anxious, alcohol is likely to make it much worse. The day after you've been drinking heavily you are likely to feel pretty low. This is because drinking too much interferes with the neurotransmitters in our brains that are needed for good mental health. So drinking less can mean that you feel happier, more of the time (1). Try keeping a mood diary to see if you notice the difference.
  3. More energy
    Alcohol can interfere with your immune system making it harder to fight off bugs. And with its negative effects on your sleep and mood, drinking too much can make you feel tired, sluggish and generally a bit under the weather. Drink less and it shouldn’t take too long before you notice that you have more energy (2).
  4. Better concentration
    You don’t have to have a headache and be feeling sick for alcohol to start affecting you at work, regularly drinking above the government's lower risk guidelines will affect your concentration and ability to work. Now that you’re cutting back, you may spot you work that little bit smarter, which can do wonders for your stress levels – and your career.
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